The Copper Tree Class

It’s said that it is easier to build a child than repair an adult.

Central to this series of picture books are challenging issues as they can affect children.

Subjects include bereavement, adoption, divorce, bullying, travelling children, poverty, child caregivers and relationships with the elderly.

Produced in an accessible format, with a child as the narrator, together with delightful, whimsical illustrations by Mandy Stanley, these books are designed to help children help themselves, as well as to provide a ready resource for parents, carers and child care practitioners.

All the stories in the series were previewed during development by social workers, counsellors, psychologists, teachers and families affected by, or involved with, the issues that are covered.

The Copper Tree

When Olivia’s teacher, Miss Evans, dies, the children at her school are encouraged to think of everything that reminds them of her.

Written with touching sensitivity and sprinkled with light hearted moments, “The Copper Tree” is about love and legacy and will help children understand that while sadness is an inevitable part of grief, death is not necessarily the end… for what is left behind can be everlasting.

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A great book for young children facing bereavement.

The Copper Tree book

ISBN 978-0957124509

US ISBN 978-0-9933658-0-5

Christmas Surprise

The children in the Copper Tree class are excited about Christmas. They’ve decorated their classroom, they’ve dressed up for their Christmas play and now they’ve been asked to go and surprise the elderly residents at Pine Lodge Residential Home. But little do they know that there is a surprise there for them too!

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In a gentle child friendly manner this book teaches children that the elderly used to be young like them. It encourages kindness and promotes understanding even in the very young.

Ruth Reads
Christmas Surprise book

ISBN 978-0957124516

Help A Hamster

We all had a big surprise when Henry, our class hamster, had four babies. Alfie Tate was adopted when he was little so he became the hamster monitor because Henry was finding it difficult to care for them. Find out how we all helped Alfie to find new homes for the baby hamsters and what happened to the smallest, Alfonzo.

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A touching and insightful story that helps children understand more about adoption.

The Bookseller Help A Hamster is recommended in The Bookseller’s Autumn Children’s Buyer Guide
Help A Hamster book

ISBN 978-0957124523

US ISBN 978-0-9933658-1-2

Tom’s Sunflower

The children of the Copper Tree Class, together with travelling children, Skye and Amber, rally round to cheer up Hana when they find out her parents have split up.

Displacement, blame and self worth are fundamental issues contained within a story which, above all, helps readers understand a child’s rights to be heard.

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This book represents a celebration of a child’s right to be heard and for explanations to be tailored to meet their needs. Written in simple language with a gentle nuance of humour and love, Tom's Sunflower is a teeny triumph.

Peter B. Forster Chartered Counselling Psychologist and author
Tom's Sunflower book

ISBN 978-0957124547

US ISBN 978-0-9933658-2-9

Blue Barn Farm

The children visit an urban farm to dig up vegetables which they then donate to food banks – and Alfie Tate sets out to solve the mystery of the ‘blackberry burglar’!

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Blue Barn Farm book
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    The Copper Tree Bereavement

  • Christmas Surprise book

    Christmas Surprise The elderly

  • Help A Hamster book

    Help A Hamster Adoption

  • Tom's Sunflower book

    Tom’s Sunflower Divorce & parents parting

  • Blue Barn Farm book

    Blue Barn Farm Healthy eating

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