Radio Production

Strauss House Productions comprises a team of associates from a range of multi media fields. Working independently of each other, as well as together, their combined talents form a highly efficient and creative team which is able to draw from a range of experiences.

We produce special features, documentaries and series for regional and network radio.

Hilary has over fifteen year’s experience working for the BBC’s regional and national Faith and Ethics departments. She is the former Producer of BBC Radio 2's Good Morning Sunday and has produced a number of special interest documentary and music based programmes for the network. She has twice chaired the judging panel for the Gillard Religions Programming Awards. Her former boss, John Ryan wrote of her in The Radio Magazine "Hilary is one of our secret weapons ... she has the ability to develop really creative treatments that make the religious subjects appeal way beyond the traditional audience for faith programmes."

As part of the BBC’s Faith and Ethics team Hilary Robinson has produced the following programmes for BBC Radio 2.

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The Robeson Files

Documentary presented by Dotun Adebayo

A moving and powerful documentary in which Dotun Adebayo looked at back at the extraordinary talents of one of the greatest American recording stars of the early 20th century, Paul Robeson, at how both the FBI and MI5 colluded to try and crush both his career and social justice activism, and examined his extraordinary relationship with the miners of South Wales.

Behind Enemy Lines

Documentary presented by John McCarthy

On 8 August 1991, in Beirut after more than five years in captivity British journalist, John McCarthy was freed by the militant group Islamic Jihad. In this documentary McCarthy shed light on the experiences of survivors of captivity.

Turn Your Radio On

Documentary presented by Don Maclean

This light-hearted documentary considered the work of Ray Stevens. His track The Streak brought him to the attention of the British record-buying public in the Seventies, but his real impact has been in the US where Stevens has been awarded two Grammys. The programme examines why comedy songs make less of an impact today and also celebrates Stevens’ skills as a producer, arranger, composer and performer.