Radio Production

Strauss House Productions comprises a team of associates from a range of multi media fields. Working independently of each other, as well as together, their combined talents form a highly efficient and creative team which is able to draw from a range of experiences.

We produce special features, documentaries and series for regional and network radio.

Hilary has over fifteen year’s experience working for the BBC’s regional and national Faith and Ethics departments. She is the former Producer of BBC Radio 2's Good Morning Sunday and has produced a number of special interest documentary and music based programmes for the network. She has twice chaired the judging panel for the Gillard Religions Programming Awards. Her former boss, John Ryan wrote of her in The Radio Magazine "Hilary is one of our secret weapons ... she has the ability to develop really creative treatments that make the religious subjects appeal way beyond the traditional audience for faith programmes."

As part of the BBC’s Faith and Ethics team Hilary Robinson has produced the following programmes for BBC Radio 2.

BBC Radio 2 logo

D Day Remembered

A live broadcast from Normandy to mark the 60th anniversary of D Day this three hour award winning special included live coverage interspersed with pre recorded personal memories. The programme was awarded an Andrew Cross Award in 2004.