Radio Production

Strauss House Productions comprises a team of associates from a range of multi media fields. Working independently of each other, as well as together, their combined talents form a highly efficient and creative team which is able to draw from a range of experiences.

We produce special features, documentaries and series for regional and network radio.

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Lenny Bruce Is Dead

Documentary presented by Simon Amstell

On 3 August 1966, radical comedian Lenny Bruce was found dead in the bathroom of his Los Angeles home – the victim of a drug overdose. The 40-year-old had revolutionised stand-up comedy, leaving an impact on the art form that endures behind his death but his career was eventually destroyed by battles with the US justice system. It was a tragic decline for a man who had had a seismic impact on the industry, with highly improvised and personal shows that offered lacerating social commentary and wilfully demolished taboos surrounding topics like politics, religion, racism, sex and drugs.

Swing Low Sweet Chariot


To mark the 2011 Rugby Union World Cup a six part series was produced for BBC English Regions which looked at the history of the spiritual and how it became linked with the England Rugby Union Team.

Radio Readings

To mark the two hundredth anniversary of the abolition of the slave trade Hilary produced Hang A Thousand Trees With Ribbons – the true story of the published slave Phillis Wheatley, narrated by Oscar-nominated actress Sophie Okonedo, and Private Peaceful to mark Remembrance 2007 with Robson Green.