Publishing, radio production and trailer animation

Strauss House Productions publish books and produce radio programmes

Strauss House Productions is a multimedia production house which produces programmes and features for regional and national radio.

In 2012 the company established a specialist publishing arm and, alongside the radio output, it now comprises a team of associates from a range of multimedia fields. Working independently from each other, as well as together, their combined talents and skills form a high efficient, original and effective creative team which is able to draw from a broad range of experiences.

In 2016 the company established a US based distribution network with IPG in Chicago.


Writing about war for children – from Winnie the Pooh to Flo of the Somme


There are no trenches in One Hundred Acre Wood.  And there weren’t any one hundred years ago either. Yet what better way is there to introduce children to the centenary commemorations of World War 1, than via the medium of children’s literature and animals? Few know that Winnie the Pooh’s world was born in war. Even this year’s Passchendaele centenary has a connection to the classic. Not only do the Winnie’s roots lie in one of the bloodiest conflicts in history, but the long-loved character was based on a real bear cub. Yet far from diets of sticky honey in […]

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PDSA Competition

PDSA logo

Hilary Robinson helps to launch PDSA Writing Competition – and Flo of the Somme is part of the prize! The UK’s leading veterinary charity, the PDSA, has launched its annual Animal Heroes Writing Competition 2017 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of World Book Day. Hilary has teamed up with the charity to write the beginning, middle and end of a story called ‘Buddy Saves The Day’ – and it’s up to young people to write the rest! The winner will receive a set of signed books including Flo of the Somme, an Amazon Kindle and an opportunity to meet Hilary herself at one of the PDSA […]

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Strauss House Productions publishes high quality picture books for both the home and overseas market.

With a dedicated creative team, highly experienced production and marketing personnel and with international rights being handled by our London based agents, we are building a reputation for producing accessible books that inform and entertain readers of all ages.

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Award Nominations

  • The CILIP Carnegie & Kate Greenaway Children's Book Awards logo
  • Hampshire County Council logo
  • The English Association logo
  • Rubery Book Award logo
  • Coventry City Council logo
  • Education Resources Awards logo
  • Sheffield Children's Book Award logo
  • The People's Book Prize logo
  • Young Quills Award logo

Radio Production

We produce special features, documentaries and series for regional and network radio.

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The Sheila Tracy Tapes

Wednesday 21st of September 2016 at 10pm on BBC Radio 2

Produced by Strauss House Productions.

Producer Clair Wordsworth, Executive Producer Hilary Robinson.

Sheila Tracy

Ken Bruce celebrates Sheila Tracy’s quest to discover the real stories behind the music. Sheila Tracy presented Big Band Special on BBC Radio 2 for 21 years, from 1979 until 2000. When she died in September 2014, Sheila left behind a treasure trove of interviews with great jazz and big band musicians. These offer revealing insights, not only into the development of swing music, but also into the lives, attitudes and struggles of the musicians who played it. The Sheila Tracy Tapes showcase Sheila Tracy at work as a specialist music presenter on BBC Radio 2. The programme features a […]

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Talented people

Strauss House Production is a team of associates who work both independently and together. Started in 2011 by Hilary Robinson the team has expanded to include experts from a range of related fields.

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Distribution & Trade

Main Distribution

Distribution for all Strauss House Production books is handled by York Publishing. Please contact Nerys Spofforth for all trade and distribution queries.