Publishing, radio production and trailer animation

Strauss House Productions publish books and produce radio programmes

Strauss House Productions is a multimedia production house which produces programmes and features for regional and national radio.

In 2012 the company established a specialist publishing arm and, alongside the radio output, it now comprises a team of associates from a range of multimedia fields. Working independently from each other, as well as together, their combined talents and skills form a highly efficient, original and effective creative team which is able to draw from a broad range of experiences.

In 2016 the company established a US based distribution network with IPG in Chicago.


Strauss House Productions publishes high quality picture books for both the home and overseas market.

With a dedicated creative team, highly experienced production and marketing personnel and with international rights being handled by our London based agents, we are building a reputation for producing accessible books that inform and entertain readers of all ages.

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Radio Production

We produce special features, documentaries and series for regional and network radio.

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Talented people

Strauss House Production is a team of associates who work both independently and together. Started in 2011 by Hilary Robinson the team has expanded to include experts from a range of related fields.

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Distribution & Trade

Main Distribution

Distribution for all Strauss House Production books is handled by York Publishing. Please contact Paula Charles for all trade and distribution queries.